Kerbl 299958 cit 噴塗機 FlyBooste 使用手冊

The 299958 cit Spraying Machine FlyBooste offers effective protection against flying insects both indoors and outdoors. With adjustable intervals and a coverage area of up to 160 m3, this dispenser provides up to 2,500 sprays for maximum convenience. Find usage instructions and more information in the user manual.

KERBL 10810 IPCam 360 FHD 緊湊型 Stalcamera 使用手冊

Discover the features and technical specifications of the 10810 IPCam 360 FHD Compact Stalcamera and its variations, such as the 10825 and 10809 models. This user manual provides step-by-step instructions for installation, configuration, and maintenance. Learn about OSD function, multiple access, night vision, pan and tilt function, and various video options. Enhance your surveillance experience with this durable and versatile camera.

KERBL IPCam 2.0 HD、360 FHD Compact、360 FHD 使用手冊

了解如何設置和操作 IPCam 2.0 HD (#10809)、IPCam 360 FHD Compact (#10810) 和 IPCam 360 FHD (#10825)。 本用戶手冊提供了相機設置、配置、無線連接和固件更新的分步說明。 探索 OSD 功能、多路訪問和夜視等功能。 非常適合確保正確使用和維護。 包含保修。