moonki MH-O510BT Wireless Headset User Guide

Learn how to use the MH-O510BT wireless headset with this easy-to-follow user manual. Featuring Bluetooth 4.2, a 300mAh battery, and up to 8 hours of playback time, this foldable headset is perfect for professional audio usage. Get specifications, usage instructions, and more in this quick guide.

RTX 8950 Wireless VoIP DECT Headset Instruction Manual

Learn how to operate the RTX 8950 Wireless VoIP DECT Headset with this comprehensive user manual. Ideal for both everyday users and system administrators, this guide covers basic operations and call functions. Discover how to switch on and off, register the unit on an RTX 8660 SME VoIP system, and more. Get the most out of your CT8950 DECT headset with this helpful resource.

agent AW80 Binaural DECT Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

This user manual provides instructions for the AW80 Binaural DECT Wireless Headset, designed to work with the AW70 & AW80 models only. Learn how to connect the headset to your PC, adjust the volume, and ensure compatibility with communication applications. Complies with safety and EMC standards.

WYZE WWGH1 無線遊戲耳機用戶指南

通過這本綜合產品手冊了解如何使用 WWGH1 無線遊戲耳機。 這款耳機配有吊桿麥克風和 USB 加密狗,可通過藍牙或藍牙 LE 配對。 獲取有關配對、充電、電池壽命和重置設備的分步說明。 非常適合尋求一流無線耳機體驗的遊戲玩家。