busch plus muller 166、151 LUMOTEC Upp Dopp 

busch plus muller 166、151 LUMOTEC Upp Dopp


Connect the cable incorporated in the headlamp with the dynamo. If required, use the included twin cable for connecting a rear light to the push-on contacts (+) / (–).

Caution! Always make sure to observe correct polarity. Black lead: current (+) / black-white lead: earth (–).
Caution! Cables on the headlamp must never be cut off completely



bracket or another bracket and adjust it in a way to prevent any blinding effect on the oncoming traffic. Align the beam on the road at approximately 10 m distance. Tighten the bolts so as to avoid unintended misalignment of the headlamp.
1 Dopp: In Germany and some other countries, an additional front reflector is mandatory for bicycles. To fulfil this obligation, the enclosed reflector can simply be pushed into the clip holes on the bottom of the headlight.
請注意: The headlight must be mounted centrally on the bicycle’s fork bridge using the included mounting bracket. Alternatively, it may be mounted using other headlight brackets from our range, e.g. stainless steel brackets of different form and length, also for mounting to the fork crown, or brackets for suspension fork or handlebar  mounting. All of these mounting brackets may only be used on those parts of the bicycle for which they are specifically designed. A headlight and its bracket may neither be installed adjacent to the front wheel nor in any fashion that might lead to the bracket coming loose. Prior to every ride, a secure and sturdy connection of the headlight to its mounting bracket and of the mounting bracket to the bicycle must be checked and ensured. Only when the aforementioned conditions are met, the headlight is considered to be mounted properly. We are not liable for any damage that may be attributed to improper mounting and/or improper use.


(standlight function)
The stand light function is always ready for operation. It is completely maintenance free and works without batteries or rechargeable batteries. This is how it works: A minor amount of the energy generated by the dynamo is stored in a capacitor while riding. The capacitor is already fully charged after riding for about 3 minutes. While standing, the stored energy supplies the headlight’s LED or signaling LED with energy. They continue shining. The stand light cannot be deactivated manually.
„N“ and „N plus“ 2
Trigger the headlight’s rear switch to turn it ON/OFF.
“T senso plus“ 2
Trigger the headlight’s rear switch to turn it ON/OFF. When activated, the headlight is always in SENSO mode.

Functionality of the sensor mode

During daylight, the headlight operates in “day mode”.
The driving light LED in the headlight shines dimmed onto the road. The additional DRL LEDs shine with full luminance. Maximal visibility for other traffic participants!
During dusk or darkness, the headlight automatically switches to “night mode”.
The driving light emits the full luminance. The daytime running LEDs shine with diminished luminance. Maximum vision, additional visibility for other traffic participants! The light/dark sensor switches the headlamp from mode “Night” to “Day” with a predetermined delay of 8 sec. so that a temporary brightness (e.g. car headlights turned up) will not cause immediate switching.


The headlight can only be powered by a dynamo (AC). Connection to a DC power source (battery) is not possible.
If you require a special e-bike headlight for DC voltages from 6 to 42 V, please contact your specialized dealer. If the bicycle is transported or cleaned upside down, the headlamp has to be covered with a plastic bag to prevent moisture from entering through its bottom apertures. The overvoltage protection of the headlight is effective even if no rear light is connected.

Rear lights with brake light function BrakeTec: TOPLIGHT Line brake plus, TOPLIGHT View brake plus. Rear lights with strip light technology LineTec and standlight: TOPLIGHT Line plus, TOPLIGHT Flat S plus und SECULA plus. Contact your local specialised dealer!



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